Aimee Joy Nelson

Through blogging, I come across artists that whose work inspires my own…I wanted to interview Aimee Joy Nelson today because I absolutley love her style, especially her vibrant colors an nature themes.  So will you, as I intermingle her artwork with her interview…enjoy!

What is your particular style or medium of creativity?
My style consists of mostly realism but I love to spice it up by adding lots of different colors and fun little details that you wouldn’t expect  .
I was addicted to Lisa Frank’s art when I was growing up for her cute animals and crazy colorful designs and that definitely rubbed off on me.

I would like to paint more abstractly at times but it’s hard because my nature is to be a perfectionist. Sometimes I try to force myself to just paint abstract color paintings or imperfect things, just to let go and loosen up. 
At this point of my life I’m wanting to shake things up in my art and try new techniques. I’ve only ever worked with acrylics (and watercolors briefly), and I’m interested in adding different mediums in the future and painting new subjects.

My art changes every few months, it’s never the same. I’m still learning and developing my style and I know it will continue to grow and transform and that’s one thing I love about it….I can do anything, go anywhere!


Describe some sources of inspiration? 
Spending time out in nature always gives me ideas, or simply looking at colors. And I love browsing greeting card stands and seeing all the variety of so many different types of art. I also like to empower my mind with inspirational quotes. 

I want to create art that reminds people of what a beautiful world we live in, add lots of colors and vibrancy and make a little magic. I love how color can create emotion and make you feel uplifted.  

What helps your creative process?
If I’m unsure of what I want to paint or need ideas, I like to browse pinterest or google images, look through magazines or go to the library, sometimes I just search color combinations. I also try to read inspirational quotes often to keep me feeling empowered and believing in my art.

I try to connect with what I really love about my surroundings and the things that bring me joy and create beauty from those things. 

Unfortunately, I tend to get the most inspiration, passion and energy to create during the most hectic times in my life when I have tons of responsibilities and no free time. It’s quite a contradiction! But then when I am able to create, I hit it hard and can produce a lot of new pieces. 

What gets in the way of your creative expression?
A.d.d. and procrastination! It’s awful. A lot of times I’ll have a chunk of time I can paint and I won’t be able to focus or come up with anything.

What are the three pieces of advice that you would give someone just starting out on a creative path?
(1) Surround yourself with people who support you and the path you’re on. This is so important. Don’t listen to people who don’t believe in you or what you are doing or else they will slowly chip away at your self confidence.
(2) Don’t give up. You have a passion and a purpose and you have to do everything you possibly can to see it through and make it happen!
Making an effort to accomplish one thing is great but you have to consistently search out opportunities and keep trying new things.
(3) Be bold, brave and make an impact. Fear won’t get you very far!


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